Welcome to the website of TOMEKO Ltd. everything for the professional kitchen equipment   Here you will find complete information about the products we offer, namely the full range of professional kitchen equipment. The products are suitable for all professional kitchens, hot points in grocery stores, and all places where professional cooks!

15 years Tomeko

15 tomeko

In 2014 Tomekо company celebrates its 15th birthday.


As often happens at the beginning was just the idea in the heads of two good friends. Shared vision of Georgi Georgiev and Ilian Iliev became the beginning of Tomekо’s road.

21.10.2014 – Bar equipment presentation

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ТОМЕКО ви кани в демонстрационен център ShowHow
на презентация, в която ще видите възможностите на най-ефективните уреди за барово оборудване.


Ще опитате ароматни коктейли с джелато, шейкове, фрешове, смути и разбира се… ще се насладите на сицилианското Zicaffe.